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The Merchants of Downtown Grimsby are your friends, neighbours and trusted retailers who work tirelessly to keep the downtown as vibrant as possible and the destination of choice for those who shop locally.

Our official name is the Grimsby Downtown Improvement Area (you may have heard of the DIA) and our collective goal is the beautification, promotion and revitalization of Downtown Grimsby.

Every four years, we elect a Board of Management who, on behalf of all of us, directs the various projects that we are involved in.

All the funds to pay for the improvements you see are raised through a special tax levy on commercial properties located within our boundaries.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service, a pleasant shopping experience, a safe environment and a vast retail choice.

Come and visit us and discover how “friendly by nature” we really are!!!

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Dollar Inn

63 Main St. W, Grimsby, L3M 4H1

Dollar Store in Downtown Grimsby

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Donald C. Loney

55 Main St. W, Grimsby,

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Donna Head RMT

20 Ontario St, Grimsby, L3M 1H1

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Donna's Fashions

11 Main Street West, Grimbsy, L3M 1R3

Donna's Fashions is owned and operated by Donna Butler, who has been involved in the fashion industry…

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