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Age statistics show more millennials coming to Grimsby

  Gillian Ryan and Josh Pieters moved to Grimsby six years ago.   After finishing school, the Hamilton-based couple started their careers while renting in Burlington and moved to town to purchase their first home. Read full story here

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Lions install bench along Grimsby waterfront trail

Thanks to the Grimsby and District Lions Club visitors to the Grimsby waterfront will have a chance to sit, relax and take in the views this summer. The Lions club recently installed a bench along the trail. It’s the first piece of trail equipment along the waterfront, and is located at the east…

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Hawks arriving in Grimsby earlier on average

With the unseasonably warm winter this year, it may come as no surprise to see the classic migratory birds appearing in Grimsby earlier than usual. However, according to Hawkwatch executive member, Bruce Mackenzie, this is the new norm. Over the past several decades, Hawkwatch data has shown that birds…

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Niagara selected as host community for 2021 Canada Summer Games

The nation’s eyes will be on this region four summers from now, with the stunning news out of Toronto today that Niagara’s bid to land the 2021 Canada Summer Games has won. Local dignitaries including Regional Chair Alan Caslin and Doug Hamilton, the volunteer chair of Niagara’s games…

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South Lincoln High School Students stage a walkout

They weren’t just taking a break. As the first period of the school day finished, students filed out of the front doors with homemade signs in hand. “Save our school,” and “Our school matters,” were written in scrawling letters on bold Bristol boards, and even small sheets…

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