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Square Roots display needs a home

There’s no place like home.

Or, for the Grimsby Public Art Gallery’s collaborative art project about Canada, no place is home — yet.

The art gallery is looking for a permanent place for the 150 wood blocks to be displayed.

While Grimsby’s town hall may seem like a natural location, it lacks the wall space to display the work in one unified place.

“My goal is to keep it on public display as much as possible,” said Rhona Wenger, director of the gallery. “There are many ways and places that I hope it could be safely displayed.”

The Canada 150 Square Roots Challenge was a collaborative art project, the brainchild of Sharon Porter, a volunteer and member of the now-defunct Grimsby Heritage Advisory Committee.

The project was a call for 150 artists and members of the community to depict what being Canadian means to them on a block of wood.

Currently, the work is fixed to the wall in the lobby of the gallery and library; however, come April that will change.

The GPAG is going to be holding a new display each month in the lobby celebrating Canada and local artists.

As part of the Through Our Eyes Canada 150 celebration, the gallery will showcase works from the Great Canadian Snow Art Challenge next month, followed by projects from Community Living and a special collection of Canadian-inspired works from the Lakeside Pumphouse Artists in June.

“We are also very interested in artists who want to work with community groups,” said Wenger. The gallery is in the process of making a call to local artists who wish to collaborate with a variety of community groups like students and new Canadians to create work about this country from various vantage points.

As for the Square roots project, Wenger says that she would like to see it travel to different display locations before finding its permanent home.

She says it will be on display at Grimsby’s Festival of Art in June.

To suggest a location for public display, contact Rhona Wenger at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, 905-945-3246 or

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