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The highs, the lows: Grimsby recognizes World Diabetes Month

Tye Warren sits down at the kitchen table, munching on a bag of skittles. He’s just gotten in from playing at his friend’s house. For most eight-year-olds, skittles before dinner are a treat, but for Tye, they’re lifesaving. His blood sugar is low and he has a diabetic reaction.

After eating a few skittles, he goes to the refrigerator and grabs a handful of grapes.

He waits and then he pricks his finger again, and gingerly places the drop of blood on his monitor.

It reads three-point-five.

All week his sugar has been reading a bit low and his mother, Michelle Warren has been in contact with the diabetic specialists at McMaster.

“You feel hungry and tired,” said Tye, explaining what it feels like when his blood sugar dips low.

According to the Canadian Diabetes Association over 4.6 million people in Ontario are living with diabetes.

That’s 36 per cent of the province.

November is world Diabetes month and the town of Grimsby has officially recognized the event by flying the world diabetes month flag.

Schools in the area are taking part in raising awareness and sports teams are sporting blue in recognition.

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