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Veggies and fruit are all the time snacks


Niagara is one of 45 communities across Ontario taking part in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. The goal: to support the well-being of children. This community-led program partners with other organizations to work together to implement activities to reduce and prevent childhood obesity. The plan includes improving nutrition and increasing physical activity.

The program in Grimsby was undertaken by the recreation services department and headed by Trevor Ruzylo, recreation co-ordinator, and partnered with the Grimsby Farmers’ Market. According to Ruzylo, the current theme is boosting veggies and fruit as part of our daily diet. Canada’s food guide suggests four to six servings of fruit or vegetables daily for children ages two to 13. Not only are they a great choice to satisfy hunger, but they contain a valuable source for vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and are a source of overall energy for physical activity.


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